Thursday, August 28, 2008


As I am folding my laundry this morning I lift my favorite pair of gaucho sweats up and am literally saying "NOOOOO" I have bleach on them right in the front... I feel more disappointed than if I lost something like I don't wedding ring??... I will never find another pair, at least not this year since they are making skinny sweats now along with skinny jeans!!! I'm so sad!!! How in the world did this happen? I am so careful with them, I love them.... There was not bleach on anything else... it was a dark load, I didn't even use bleach!!! Some of you may not understand my attachment... But alot of you will...And you know who you are the sweats lovers... My mom even classifies here sweats, she has her regular every day ones and then she has "dress sweats" Well, this is a sad day at my house.... I really do feel I have had a tragic loss!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Tricks

For some reason Jack has developed this new trick... The past few months he has had such a hard time going to nursery; this is very puzzling to me because the nursery teachers in our ward are so great with the kids. This is our conversation standing in the doorway to his class

Jack: I not go to nursery mommy
Teacher: Hi Jack, come in here and see me
Jack: {eyes pinched shut} I not go see her mommy!!!

Then, we come home from church and are having a quick sandwich before nap and this is our conversation

Me: Jack, hurry up, I want to see you eating

Jack:{eyes pinched shut} I sink {think} no mommy.

I wonder what else he will tune out... Maybe I should just start shutting my eyes!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Abbie started school today and she is so so so excited. I'm glad that we got to start school here in Flagstaff, Abbie has great friends in her class already and I feel lucky to know the moms so I don't feel like the lame mom that is out of the loop!!She is most excited about her "knee socks" she thinks they are so cool!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Almost really Bad...

I volunteered to be a coach for Abbie's cheerleading team, which I never intended to do, but oh well.... the only reason I did is because there were high school girls teaching them cheers and I thought they were a little to grown up etc. so I sign myself up... so we are ordering the uniform stuff for the girls and I find out that their hair tie is supposed to be a purple scrunchie; where do you even get purple scrunchies? {I feel like i'm spelling scrunchie wrong so forgive my mistake} Anyway, I don't like the scrunchie idea so I sign up to make 11 bows that I know will be cute... So, I'm in my living room ironing the fabric for the bows and watching the Olympics and I hear a weird sound in my back yard, I ignore it for about 15 minutes. Then I hear something eating Molly's food which is really weird because she is asleep right by me???? So I figure it's the neighborhood tom cat and I get my flashlight to spook it away. P.S. you should know that my dog's food is right out my back door, you could step in her water bowl if you aren't careful. Anyway, I open my screen door and shine the light and there is a massive SKUNK..... tail up, his tail almost went to my knees and I thought he was going to brush my legs with his nasty tail. I'm freaking out....I'm just thinkin' what if this disgusting skunk sprays and I have to show my house??? I slowly back away from the door, shut it and go shut all of the windows in my house just in case. I kept smelling for skunk, but he never sprayed..YEAH My little friend hung out with us until at least midnight... Lucky for me he was no where to be found this morning. I guess I won't leave Molly's food out anymore.....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Face the Judge

People who know me know that I love to cook, and those who are not so close to me are probably surprised by it... The Food Network is on at my house often and I love watching it and getting creative ideas. One of my favorites is Iron Chef America... I watch the new episodes on Sunday nights!!! Anyway... today I totally vegged out and didn't want to do much of anything, so when dinner time came around I copped out and make box macaroni and cheese, watermelon, and crystal light... a perfect meal for my kids right... My little Abbie is my food critic and when I called her to dinner tonight she randomly says, "Mom, it's time to face the judges...{I'm the judge, ok mom?}" and I said OK...

Judge: I can tell you put a lot of time into this dish....
Me: Yeah, I made it especially for you....
Judge: How do you get this so creamy
Me: lots of butter
Judge: This drink is wonderful, I detect raspberry undertones
Me: yes, crystal light is good like that huh, it really tastes like raspberry lemonade....
Judge:how did you think of this side dish? Watermelon is perfect and juicy
Me: I'm a genius mom and chef!!!

I'm so glad that my kids appreciate total laziness on my part!!!! I should do it more often....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pretty Girl

Here are a few pictures of Abbie loving loving loving anything girly... we have had some fun with her hair and nails the past few days and she is in pink girl heaven. I think that she thinks that manicures and pedicures and updo's are just a part of regular life?


The past few weeks have gone something like this...
Today: I'm cleaning my house and my kids are playing outside so we can go to the creek... then I go outside and my entire herb garden is totally destroyed... no salvaging it; all of my parsley, basil, cilantro, chives, thyme, dill pulled up from the roots and strung from one end of my yard to the other... also I see mushrooms that have been growing in my grass all piled up... I'm like "Jack, what is going on??" and he looks at me like how can you possibly be mad about this... and he says very matter of factly "I play ratatoulli mommy"..... What do ya do???

Last weekend: I wake up on Sunday morning and I can tell that miss Abbie has been up already, she is my early riser, she gets up every morning around 6, if she sleeps until 7 I wonder what is going on... anyway, she gets up and eats a yogurt every morning... so she has been up, my silverwear drawer is open and i see a yogurt lid on the counter... but where is she?? I look in here room, nope... not outside eating at here picnic table in the backyard... maybe the front yard, no luck... then I get worried... So i throw on my slippers and go outside and start calling for her... where is my sweet 5 year old...Oh you know... she's just taking a morning walk around my block????? In her night gown, barefoot, with her yogurt????? I say, "Abbie, what are you doing??" "Mom. I'm just going on a nice walk".......

Years ago I signed up for weekly emails from Parenting magazine, they usually are something to do with effective parenting or handling your children etc.... I usually just delete these before I open them.. maybe I should start reading them...